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James Moore and Associates provide services to both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of areas. We can consult with clients and counsel through all phases of litigation from discovery through trial. We can provide oral and written testimony as opinion, rebuttal, and/or fact witnesses.

Expert Witness

James Moore has extensive experience serving as an expert witness over his many decades as a CPA. He’s familiar with the process and what attorneys need to support their case. Some of our witness services include:

Support in deposing key fact witnesses and opposing experts


Evaluations of damage calculations


Critique and analysis of the opposing expert’s damage calculations and report


Expert reports and expert testimony

Defendant and
Plaintiff Support

James Moore and Associates view litigation support as the factual presentation of economic issues related to existing or pending litigation. These matters typically involve highly complex financial issues that are best handled by a financial professional. Our CPA can evaluate the impact of settlement offers, examine and analyze financial data, and interpret federal and state tax laws.

We provide assistance to plaintiffs and defendants in multiple matters, including:


Lost Profits


Family Law


Misappropriation of Assets


Employee Theft


Fraud Investigations

Case Support

Are you facing an IRS audit? If you’ve received an audit notice don’t panic and don’t ignore it. Most audit cases can be completed via mail. Your IRS audit letter will specify requested information concerning deductions, expenses, and income that were submitted as part of your tax return. We can help you navigate your IRS case and help you move forward and get peace of mind knowing you’re in compliance and will be in future years.

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