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Are you an individual or married couple looking for assistance with your state and federal tax returns? Have you self-prepared your 1040 tax return and would just like a review to ensure everything is accurate? Get peace of mind knowing you’re in compliance, not over or underpaying, and maximize your tax return. We know not everyone shares our enthusiasm for accounting and tax work. We’re here to ease the burden and save you time and money in the process.

1040 Tax Prep
& Planning

Maximizing your returns starts at the beginning of the year. Each individual and family has a unique lifestyle that demands a personalized plan. We can help you minimize your tax obligations and increase your cash flow throughout the year. If you’re a new client, no worries. We’ll prepare your tax return, make sure you’re maximizing your benefits and help you plan for next year.

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Strategic Tax Planning

Self Prepared
Tax Return Review

Many of our clients are DIYers that just want to make sure they’re doing it right. With the availability of capable software today, we understand this. The software we use is compatible with most DIY tax preparation software on the market today. If you self-prepared your taxes and just want a review, we can easily upload it into our system and make sure you’re in compliance and have maximized your tax benefits.

Estate & Trust
Tax Preparation

If you’re a trustee or personal representative, we can help you understand how tax law applies to your situation and assist you with your fiduciary duties. It can be a challenge navigating estate and tax filings. Some estates may need to file a tax return that reports income earned from the date of death to the date assets are distributed to heirs. We evaluate your unique situation and determine which filings are needed and accurately prepare the returns.

Why Invest in
Professional Tax Preparation?

If you’ve been on the fence about seeking professional help for your tax preparation, you’re not alone. A lot of people think about it but hesitate thinking it’s too expensive, or that it wouldn’t benefit them because their taxes are simple. Whether you have a truly simple return or highly complex return there a number of ways working with a professional accounting firm can benefit you this year, and far into the future.

Save Time

It’s estimated that accurately completing your own tax return in a way that maximizes your tax benefits takes 16 to 22 hours each year. This time includes record keeping, organizing, completing forms, and submitting the return. When you hand these tasks over to a tax professional, you get that valuable time back and know your return is accurate and you’re maximizing your return.

Save Money

A lot of people think hiring a tax professional will cost too much. The reality is a tax professional is trained to save you money. They will identify all possible deductions and credits you are eligible for, ones you may not be aware of. Also, your time is worth something, so add in saved time, and you’ll likely come out on top when you hire a tax professional to prepare your returns.


Nobody wants to think about an audit when they file their return. And, thankfully, most of the time, people can avoid them. However, when you use a professional tax accountant if the IRS has questions about your return, you don’t have to deal with it. Your tax accountant takes over and answers questions and takes responsibility for any errors. You’re never alone when you partner with an experienced tax preparation firm.

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