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Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about who we are. There aren’t many services that get more personal than accounting. Like all healthy and fruitful relationships, it’s built on a foundation of trust. Our clients are trusting us in many ways with their financial health. Whether we’re preparing a simple 1040 tax return or providing year-round bookkeeping services, we treat every client with the same respect and level of careful attention.

Your Best Interest
Comes First

Accounting is a numbers game, but we don’t treat our clients like a number. We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with questions. We’re busy, but we’re never too busy to help you understand an option or answer a question. You will always get our honest opinion and have a clear understanding as to why. Your accountant is kind of like your dentist – we strive to be by your side when you need us most and provide continual maintenance and support throughout your life.


Although our primary duty is to fulfill the services you hire us for, we also want to empower you with knowledge and confidence when it comes to your finances. We’re not going to break down the tax code for you – neither of us has the time for that – but we do want you to feel confident and have a basic understanding of why we recommend any particular strategy.

Our goal is to simplify the complex, eliminate the jargon, and make your financial world accessible to you.


We start earning your trust from day one. It’s why we offer a free one-hour consultation. It’s your opportunity to get to know us, our personalities, and get a sense for how we will interact with you. People rightly have hesitation putting their trust in experts. It’s difficult to know if the expert is really truthful – because you’re not an expert in that field. We understand this, and it’s why we work as openly and transparently as possible and do our best to simplify accounting terminology and processes so you can understand and feel confident about your decisions.


James Moore & Associates is not a national brand. We’re a small firm when compared to national giants. Our philosophy is that accounting is a relationship-based personal service. When you work with us, you work with the same people every year and throughout the year – not just during tax season. We’re available when you need us year-round.

Our clients gain confidence and stay with us because of our commitment to taking the time to educate and guide them in making informed decisions about their short and long-term financial goals.

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